Cycle 13 of “America’s Next Top Model” Downsizes


The new cycle of America’s Next Top Model will premiere September 9 on The CW, and this time around, Tyra Banks has decided to give the shorter girls a break. All 14 of the contestants share the distinction of being 5’7″ or under, which is well outside the bounds of the revered “industry standard” for model height.

ANTM has release photos and some minimal information about the contestants, but, so far, none of that information includes sexual orientation. Though we can always speculate. (Editor’s Note: Lulu is an out lesbian.)

Ashley (Artist, 5’6″)

Bianca (Student, 5’7″)

Brittany (Student, 5’5″)

Courtney (Cheer Instructor, 5’4″)

Erin (Student, 5’6″)

Jennifer (Model, 5’5″)

Kara (Student, 5’7″)

Laura (Waitress, 5’6″)

Lisa (Student, 5’5″)

Lulu (Student, 5’7″)

Nicole (Student, 5’7″)

Rachel (Customer Service, 5’5″)

Rae (Homemaker/Mother, 5’6″)

Sundai (Student, 5’3″)

In my opinion, as the shortest in the group, Sundai is an immediate standout. And I have a thing for cheerleaders, so Courtney is of obvious interest to me as well. But I think I’ll put some money on Rachel. I don’t know where she works, but if she can handle the regular annoyances and indignities of customer service, she can surely handle Tyra Banks.

Another change this season is the rotating fourth judge who will sit alongside series regulars Tyra Banks (who is now Tweeting), Nigel Barker and J. Alexander. Paulina Porizkova was fired as a judge after the last cycle, and this time around her spot will be filled by a bevy of guest judges, including reality TV stars Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian, actress China Chow, and models Kirsty Hume, Chanel Iman, and Marisa Miller.

Naturally, there are already alleged spoilers (click the link at your own risk!) floating about on the internet revealing which contestants make it to the season finale. Who looks like a winner to you?

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