Go now, go, and stream “My So-Called Life” thanks to Hulu


It’s such a lie that we should do what’s in our hearts. If we did what’s in our hearts, the world would grind to a halt because everyone would be watching My So-Called Life on Hulu.

Rejoice lovers of Manic Panic and flannel-wrapped angst, the short-lived but long-loved teen drama has been posted on Hulu.com in its entirety. I will never get any work done ever again.

All 19 episodes can be streamed for free on the popular video streaming site (apologies, international fans — don’t blame me blame the geo-blocking). First aired in 1994, the show lasted only one precious season. But since then, it has gained cult status and continues adoration for its keen observations on coming-of-age, high school, parents and boys who blink well.

The series has been released twice on DVD — the first was a bare-bones set and the second was a more elaborate bonus-packed collection. I own both, naturally.

But knowing that I can click over to Hulu and pick any episode I please at anytime I please is, well, pretty darn pleasing. In fact, I think I’ll share one with you now. The episode “The Zit,” like the show, is so beautiful it almost hurts to look at it. Almost.


So, how excited are you to have Angela, Rickie, Rayanne, Brian and Jordan at your fingertips? And what’s your favorite My So-Called Life episode? World Happiness Dance, anyone?

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