Pop Culture Podcasts


For those of you looking for new podcasts to amuse yourself on your way to work (or at work), or just to stay up on the latest pop culture news and gossip, here are some of my favorites:

  • TV Guide Talk – TV Guide’s bloggers and columnists discuss the weekly TV and movies news; also features interviews with TV stars like Jenna Fischer from The Office and the guy who plays Logan on Gilmore Girls.
  • The TV Addict Podcast – TV addicts Dan and Ari discuss what happened on TV this week on mostly scripted shows, like Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Studio 60, etc.
  • RFF Radio’s Reality TV Podcast – in this weekly podcast, straight guys Rob and Trevor dissect the latest episodes of popular reality TV shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. Their commentary is amusing, and Trevor’s goofy laugh is infectious.
  • Rubyfruit Radio – Atlanta lesbian Heather plays music from only female indie artists in this weekly podcast.
  • The Planet: The Podcast for L Word Fans – When The L Word‘s on the air, Elka and KC dish about each episode. The rest of the year, they discuss “dyke drama, gay gossip, and queer culture”. A nice change from all the boy-dominated podcasts.
  • Buffy Buffcast – In this limited-series podcast, two Buffy fans analyze in detail each season of the TV show (one season per podcast). Yes, it’s geeky, but it’s fun!

If you want more people-oriented news and gossip, there are also short daily or weekly podcasts by People magazine, Access Hollywood, and a lot of the other celebrity rags. But really, how many times can you hear about Madonna’s adoption plans without wanting to pull your hair out?

If you have a favorite pop culture podcast, let us know in the comments!

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