Life after “Friends”


MSNBC has a new story about what the cast of Friends has been up to in the last two years. The gist of it is this: Jennifer Aniston‘s building a great movie career, in front of and behind the camera; Courtney Cox is working on her upcoming FX series Dirt, about the madcap world of entertainment journalism; Matthew Perry‘s starring in Studio 60; Lisa Kudrow‘s reuniting with Teri Garr in the upcoming film Kabluey; David Schwimmer‘s focusing on theater (good call), and Joey…er, Matt LeBlanc is focusing on his divorce.

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, remember her brief turn as Marky Mark’s bisexual girlfriend in Rock Star?

Anison in Rock Star

I’m not sure what I like best in that scene, Jenn’s great ’80s hair, or her excellent ’80s outfit. For more Aniston-related humor, check out this new Onion piece, “Area Woman Invested in Jennifer Aniston’s Well-Being“. Classic.

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