Leighton Meester and Michelle Trachtenberg get close filming “Gossip Girl”


Spotted: Leighton Meester and Michelle Trachtenberg filming Gossip Girl‘s third season on the streets of Manhattan. Is it just me or are their faces awfully close together for two NYU roomies having a chat? Could this be Christmas come early? Careful, B, you know what they say: Flip one letter, and Santa becomes Satan.

Wow, that was so easy. I could totally be Gossip Girl — I don’t even need tweens to send me cell phone photos; these images are all over Getty. Seriously, though: what is going on in that picture? Meester and Trachtenberg goofing off? Blair and Georgina hooking up? They did not teach that at Jesus Camp when I was a teenager.

And look, here’s another one:

This time you know it’s just paling around; B would never cheat on S with Vanessa.

Where is S anyway? Ah, there she is.

(It’s not just me, right? I mean, you guys imagine that Blake Lively has her own makeup team following her around at all times to keep that whole goddess illusion going, right?)

And here’s our ambiguously gay duo:

“You’re not listening to me, S! I kissed Georgina Sparks on the mouth and I liked it, OK? Now, either I’m a full-blown lesbian, in which case we need to get married right away, or I need you to school me in the ways of drug-fueled threesomes so I can keep Chuck from jetting off with Poppy Lifton!”

That’s all wild speculation, of course. For some legitimate spoiler info on the upcomg season, check out these videos E! released today:

Leighton Meester talks naughty Chuck:

Michelle Trachtenberg talks Jesus:

Jessica Szhor talks romming with a starlet. (Gosh, college is hard!)

How excited are you about Gossip Girl‘s coming season? Also, please leave your guesses about that Blair/Georgina photo in the comments.

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