Franka Potente plays along with “House”


I need September 21 to hurry up and get here already because that’s when House is coming back to the airwaves, and then I can stop watching the same 10 episodes of Golden Girls I’ve been memorizing all summer long. (Sophia Petrillo is cute and all, but I want to have Olivia Wilde’s kittens.)

As if I needed another reason to get excited, German beauty, Franka Potente will be guest starring in the season’s two-hour premiere.

For those of you who do not know the greatness that is Franka Potente, let me draw your attention to the amazing film, Run Lola Run (Lola Rent). Writer and director Tom Tykwer created the story of Lola, a girl who has 20 minutes to find money for her drug dealer boyfriend or else he’s going to rob a grocery store. OK, the plot sounds lame; like why doesn’t she dump the boyfriend and get on with her life? Trust me, the film is anything but lame. Lola is a superhero but without the leotard and tights.

Run Lola Run was the first movie I had ever seen in a theater by myself, and it was easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Upon leaving the theater, I decided I needed to find a hot German girl with flaming red-dyed hair to date. For some reason, those weren’t too easy to come by in Boston, so I ended up buying a VHS copy of the film to relive the excitement over and over again.

Since Lola, she’s appeared in The Princess and The Warrior (another Tom Tykwer flick, but not as good as Lola), Blow, The Bourne trilogy, Che and a few other American flicks I haven’t seen, but I’ve missed her. Oh dear, sweet Franka, I cannot wait for our paths to cross again, especially on one of my favorite shows.

When we last left Dr. Gregory House, he was suffering from hallucinations and checked into a psychiatric facility. The premiere will be taking place almost entirely in the mental institution, so this means Potente will most likely be a doctor or a fellow patient. My vote is for her to be a patient, simply because that is way more entertaining.

What would be even cooler is if the episode were made into a “Run House Run” kind of story where there are several scenarios played out with one final ending. Considering House’s recent hallucinations, this might be the perfect time to have this plot line.

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