“Guiding Light” 7/31 mini-cap: Whose Pain is Greater – Olivia’s or the Viewers’?


TGIF, or this recap would have been posted on Twitter. I only had 140 characters — well, 141, but I decided to leave out a period.

Olivia comforts Ava after her father’s funeral. They are speaking of the fragility of human life. Timing is something we take for granted like babies, holidays, and GL editing.

Olivia is bemoaning the fact she has no one with whom to share her pain. Philip disagrees and reminds her that she is connected to most of the people in Springfield. Wasn’t she married to at least half of them?

I don’t really understand why Ava and Liv are now sitting in the dugout of the baseball field unless it’s a metaphor for Olivia riding the pine right now. Liv, get in the game.

Olivia tells Ava there are things that she doesn’t know about her and would rather she not hear them from someone else. Liv explains that Natalia saved her through all the loss last year. She gave her Gus’s heart, she nursed her back to health, and she stood by her at times that she didn’t deserve it.

They fell in love. Olivia tells her oldest daughter she loves Natalia more than she has ever loved anyone in her life. That’s wonderful, Mom! I’m really happy for you.

Maybe it’s just me, or the fact Ava lives in San Fran-samesex-cisco, but wasn’t that just a little too easy? I was expecting at least a “Huh? What?” It seems this part of the story is as rushed as Rafe’s story is drawn out.

Olivia begins to cry and tells Ava that Natalia left; it was too much for her. She tried to find her but she doesn’t want to be found. Keeping with the baseball metaphor, that’s what happens when you try to bunt your way on, you’re out.

Olivia enlists metaphysical help as she stops by the memorial and asks Gus to put in a good word for her with Natalia. She’ll make her happy. It’s left to our interpretation if Liv heard anything back from the spirit. Guess it depends on what she drank for lunch.

Olivia is at the hospital for her routine transplant checkup. Dr. Rick is concerned that Olivia is drinking too much. Blood chemistry doesn’t lie, but Olivia does. She says she’s not an alcoholic, just going through a rough spot. Rick explains that her actions have consequences, and she has to be careful with her Gus-heart.

Olivia ends up at the bar working on her second umbrella drink and toasting her broken Goose-heart. She stumbles upstairs into the ever waiting arms of Josh. He offers her his own special room service when she is ready to go down. What, no cheesy softcore music?

When will this end? From what I hear, at least until August 17th. Gus, if you are listening, put in a good word for the viewers.

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