Monday casting news


Kelly Preston (Famke Janssen’s lover in Eulogy) and Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy‘s Dawn) have joined the cast of the upcoming movie The Possibility of Fireflies. Preston will play a single mother struggling to keep her life in order after her husband abandons her, forcing her to raise their two daughters on her own. Trachtenberg will play the older daughter, who must juggle her talent for physics with a love of ice skating…no wait, that was Ice Princess. It’s hard to keep all the Trachtenberg movies straight!

Christina Vidal – also known as the sister of Lisa Vidal, who player Kerry Weaver’s firefighter girlfriend on ER back when Kerry still had a love life – has been cast on the CW sitcom Girlfriendsin a recurring role as a tough celebrity fitness trainer. And no, “tough” isn’t code for “lesbian” – this show jumped that shark a long time ago.

Angelina Jolie has snagged the lead in the feature film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s classic novel Atlas Shrugged.

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