A drug-dealing gay woman leads a new Glasgow television series


There’s a new drug-dealing lesbian sociopath in town, and this time she’s Scottish. After positive reviews from several focus groups, Glasgow’s Bad Pony Media has just greenlit nine episodes of a racy, hour-long crime drama, Ninety Eight Percent.

The press release for Ninety Eight Percent sums it up like this:

Its no-holds barred attitude and fast paced shooting style make it sure to be a viral video hit around the world. The series will be “exciting and entertaining”, and “like nothing you have ever seen before” promises Executive Producer/Director Frank McGowan. With nine one-hour long episodes planned for its first season, the budget for each action packed episode is £30,000 — a mere drop in the ocean compared to a typical £400,000 per same produced for just regular television.

That’s fine and all, but I think the teaser poster says it better:

Yes, you read that review in red correctly: “Some dirty lesbian shagging slagging off your own mother?”

I’ve watched the pilot, and it sort of feels like Weeds meets Westside Story meets the camera person who filmed The Blair Witch Project.

For now, the show is only going to be available online. You can watch the first part of the pilot here and then link through for the rest of the episode. (Scroll to the bottom for the video.) The language is NSFW. Oh, also the first three minutes of lesbian shagging are also NSFW. Seriously, the heavy breathing isn’t something you want blaring on your work computer.

Are you into watching the Scottish drug-dealing lesbian sociopath, navigate the streets of Glasgow?

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