RachelWatch: The Calcium Supplements Worked!


Today: Democrats grow some spines, Iranians protest, and Rachel talks crazy.

From Beer to Eternity

Rachel led off with an update on President Obama’s attempt to thaw racial tensions by throwing back a frosty one with Sergeant James Crowley, Professor Henry Louis Gates, and Vice President Joe Biden.

She also welcomed Brown University professor Tricia Rose to give us the welcome news that everything has been totally worked out and the country will never have problems involving race again.

The Gloves Come Off

Oh, this clip is fantastic.

Rachel was clearly pleased to report that the liberal Democrats in Congress dusted off their spines, popped those suckers back in, and then rooted around in the back of the garage under the badminton nets and found their nards too! Way to go!

In particular, you may be feeling an overpowering urge to give big, sloppy bear hugs to Congressman Anthony Weiner (D – New York), who introduced an amendment of such incisive, hilarious genius that I don’t want to spoil it.

He’s terrific, isn’t he? Plus, if you are eight years old inside, you have the added bonus of getting to say how much you love Weiner.

I like to incorporate the fish-size-estimating hand gesture when I say that I love Weiner this much.

Childishness aside, please keep speaking the truth and kicking ass, Congressional Democrats. You might discover that you like it.

Ms. Information

Rachel reported that The New York Times website was running a blunt memo by military consultant Colonel Timothy Reese suggesting that the U.S. should quickly pull troops out of Iraq as a top story.

And then TPM Muckracker and Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent pointed out that Reese’s memo had already run in a slightly different form on townhall.com, and that there are those who call him Tim.

Rachel also noted that among other changes, under Obama we now have Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients you can believe in.

New recipients include Sandra Day O’Connor, Stephen Hawking, Senator Ted Kennedy (D – Massachusetts), Billie Jean King, Nancy Goodman Brinker, and Harvey Milk.

All worthy recipients. And an especially smart call on that last one, sir.

Decision 1388

Rachel gave us an update on the situation in Iran with the help of author and Daily Beast contributor Reza Aslan. The Iranian protesters continue to amaze and inspire.

Thursday marked 40 days since a young woman named Neda Soltan was killed during the protests, sparking international outrage.

The traditional period of mourning in Islam is 40 days long, which according to Aslan allowed the protesters to use traditional religious doctrine to shame the government.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad re-election, so ha.

There seems to be a growing rift between him and the religious leaders who actually run the country, and the Iranian Parliament has all but stuffed him into a locker.

Rachel Re: Birther of a Nation

I think that as of this Rachel Re: I have figured out a bit of Rachel’s credo: She’s OK with crazy, or at least with benevolent crazy, but she has no patience for stupid.

And God help the willfully stupid.

Birthers, prepare to be sent back whence you came.

The rest of you, enjoy.

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