RachelWatch: “Why is the time not now?”


Today: Alcee Hastings is “thwarted” in his attempt to stop Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, plus Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

Obama vs. “Deathers”

Oh, for crying out loud. Rachel started us off with a look at a political ad depicting a future — em> a not so very far off future, mind you — that conclusively proves that Barack Obama wants to deny life-saving surgery for old people so he can give it to Planned Parenthood. Which will definitely use it to fund abortions, since they don’t do anything else useful like serve as the only freaking source of gynecological care that many women in this country can afford.

Because even though no one wants to lose the government-run Medicare program that is specifically designed to take care of old people, some actual grownups are convinced that another government-run health care plan could only be a plot thin them out of the herd.

Well, it does sound like a counter-productive overlapping of government responsibilities.

Rachel took a journey to the beginning of the moronic deather rumors, and I hope she had her waders on.

She found Betsy MacCaughey, a woman who is completely objective on this issue, except that she is the director of a medical device company and a senior fellow at a conservative think tank that’s funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Other than that, she’s in this for you and me.

MacCaughey has been spreading flat-out lies that the heath-care bill would require your sainted Great Aunt Millie to undergo death counseling sessions to see if she might like to kick that bucket a little earlier. It’s an amazing strategy that she’s used before: Getting lies published so people can keep quoting them even after they’ve been debunked.

Maybe the Democrats would get fired up if they had their own stupid rumor to yell? I feel bad that I gave such a good steaks-for-the-aliens rumor to the other side.

OK: Health insurance companies have been hiking their rates all these years to pay for their nefarious Bigfoot breeding programs. (Sasquatches are robustly healthy and unsophisticated enough to sign up for huge co-payments.)

If we don’t pass health care reform now, we’ll be overrun by angry hominids who will drive up insurance premiums even further and really hold up the lines at Supercuts.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Try?

Representative Alcee Hastings (D – Florida) introduced an amendment that looks like it would have neatly put a halt to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell investigations, but then he withdrew it under pressure.

Hastings dropped in to bring up some really good points, like if we know DADT is bigoted and we know members of the military hate it and we know most Americans support repealing it, why aren’t we using the quickest means to get rid of the damned thing?

I really, really would like more information on who was against this amendment and why.

Who wouldn’t want the military to stop spending money on finding out who’s gay and start spending it on, I don’t know, something silly like body armor instead?

Did someone tell members of Congress that gaydar is a real thing that gets manufactured in their home states or something?

Ms. Information

Senator David Vitter (R – Louisiana) got caught on the D.C. Madam list, and is running for re-election in 2010.

Stormy Daniels, a well-known figure in the adult film industry, may run against him.

David Vitter ran on hypocritical “family values” rhetoric and broke the law when he paid someone for sex.

Stormy Daniels is open about her career as an actress, screenwriter, and director of adult films (How come all the quick blurbs about her in the news just mention the actress part? Give the lady some credit.), had sex legally, and got paid.

Also, Vitter has publicly stated that he doesn’t think there’s any issue more important than banning gay marriage. And he flipped out on an airline employee at Dulles Airport when he arrived at his gate too late to make his flight.

Looks like I’m on Team Stormy.

Anyway Brian Welsh is Stormy Daniels’s political advisor and someone firebombed his car.

I’m glad that no one is hurt, and I would not be surprised if a certain someone were inspired to write a movie called Fireblonde in the near future.

Yes, Slur

Wow. Just when you think the far-right Republican race-baiting can’t get more brazen or more disgusting, they manage to reach deep inside and go even lower.

It’s like there’s a conservative pundit limbo contest going on.

I can see why they’re competing so hard: The prizes are amazing. According to Forbes, Glenn Beck has raked in about $23 million in the past year and Rush Limbaugh pulled down $54 million.

Maybe they just keep up with the racism to pull attention away from the way they pose as just regular guys.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell dropped in and managed to maintain her sense of humor and laser analysis in the face of some appalling nonsense.

This Way Out?

Aghanistan is a month away from holding elections, and by the look of things the process is so corrupt that President Hamid Karzai could look to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad for tips on subtlety.

The amazing Sarah Chayes, now a special advisor to General Stanley McChrystal, dropped in to try to explain.

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