Lesbian Scientistics: GLAAD’s Responsibility Index Edition


You know who’s doing a lot of watching? Making a list and checking it twice? Nope, not Santa Claus — it’s Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), that’s who. Specifically, they’ve been poring over 6,000 hours of television from last year, and yesterday they handed out report cards to every broadcast and cable network.

GLAAD’s third annual Network Responsibility Index evaluates the quality and quantity of LGBT-friendly programming on primetime television.

HBO and Showtime received the best marks because they had the highest percentage of LGBT-inclusive hours of programming. ABC ranked highest among broadcast networks, while CBS and NBC failed miserably.

You can read the entire 41-page report here, or you can let us distill the information for you with some Lesbian Scientistics:

Are you surprised by any of GLAAD’s findings?

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