Will Isabelle get lucky on “Weeds”?


Weeds has been a mixed dime bag this season.

The things that made me love Weeds — the irreverence, the twisty characters, the humor — have taken a backseat to a storyline that is too disturbing to be funny, IMO. But being the loyal sort, I kept watching.

This week, a bit of sun seemed to break through the darkness. And although I’m not quite ready to say the show is returning to its grassy roots, one bright spot is worth noting: Isabelle Hodes (Allie Grant) might get lucky.

Isabelle, the lesbian daughter of Nancy’s sometime-friend, sometime-nemesis, Celia, loves being a thorn in her mother’s flesh. This episode of Web series Good Morning Agrestic explains their relationship much better than I can.


This week, Celia signed up to sell You’re Pretty cosmetics and invited her coworkers at the mall to a home party with the promise of free samples. She used Isabelle as her model, transforming her into Mary Kay’s worst nightmare. Here’s the clip. Take note of the cute girl in the pink uniform.


Had the clip continued just a few seconds longer, I could show you the best part. The aforementioned Pink Lady, Danielle (Erin Sanders), fancies our girl Isabelle.

Apparently, Danielle was a fan of Isabelle’s from her days as a commercial model for Huskeroos, a line of plus-sized girls’ clothes.

Danielle slinks up, singing the Huskeroos commercial theme song — “Huskeroo, Huskeroo, you’re beautiful in all the things you do” — in a way that tells us she would love to see Isabelle without her Huskeroos.

BTW, if Sanders looks familiar, you probably saw her as Quinn in Zoey 101 or Eden on The Young and the Restless.

The good news for Isabelle is that Sanders will be back for at least one more episode. I would dearly love to see Isabelle with a girlfriend, wouldn’t you? Sound off in the comments.

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