Jorja Fox sidles back to “CSI” for several episodes


Oh, Sara Sidle. CSI just can’t quit you. Original series actress Jorja Fox will return for five episodes in the new season of the hit crime drama.

Jorja left the show in its eight season, but returned a few times last year in its ninth season for guest appearances. When we last saw Sara, she was caught in an embrace with her bearded boyfriend Gil Grissom, who had left the lab behind for good to meet her in the jungle.

While I don’t want to get into the great awww or ewww debate when it comes to the Gil and Sara relationship, I will say that it’ll be nice to see Jorja back on my TV. The actress, with her serious scowl and gap-toothed smile, was always one of my favorites on the show.

The word is that Sara will be back without Gil. This happily clears the way for my long-held wish that Sara and Catherine Willows might someday find love among the Petrie dishes.

Though, as long as we’re wishing for things, how about bringing back Louise Lombard, CSI? Now the Sara/Catherine coupling versus Sara/Det. Sofia Curtis coupling is one I’d love to get into for hours and hours — preferably with visual aids.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Soup Chef herself, Lauren Lee Smith, has since joined the show. So many ‘ships, so little time. So, are you excited to see Jorja back on CSI?

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