Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E10 Recap: “Hostile”


The next morning, the kids arrive at a bus depot, hoping to leave L.A. for good. Gert hears rumbling in a nearby dumpster, which could only be Old Lace inside of it (she managed to follow them all the way there). Before they can decide on a destination, an unsettling game-changer is thrown their way: On the news, an Amber Alert appears on TV for Molly. She’s been reported missing, and is believed to be involved with a group of teenagers connected to the death of Destiny Gonzalez — their parents’ failed sacrifice. They realize they’ve been framed for their parents’ murder, and there’s no other options. Nico asks what they should do, to which Alex replies, “We run.” As they run through the alley together, they pass by a newspaper, which warns that L.A. could be next for an earthquake.

This show ended on an impressive note, and there’s lots of room for more. Thankfully, it’s been officially confirmed for Season 2, consisting of 13 episodes this time around. Runaways might have taken a while to live up to its name, but every moment was worth it. Not only did it remain true to the comics (and reinvigorate fans’ love for it), but the show created its own individuality that was memorable. It also broke barriers for lesbian representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Karolina and Nico being its first canon lesbian superhero couple. Runaways certainly lived up to my expectations, and I have hope that its future will be even brighter.

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