Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E10 Recap: “Hostile”


All of the parents have met up to talk. The Yorkes’ discovered that whatever is at the bottom of the dig site is alive and based on Jonah’s DNA. They also found that Jonah’s serum is the very thing that could kill him. Everyone is angry at Leslie for her actions, and she’s genuinely regretful about what she’s done. I think Leslie is the most interesting of the parents, and I’ve been secretly wishing for her redemption arc. In this discussion, we also learn more about Amy’s death: Leslie sent Amy the text to leave the house, and Jonah was the one who murdered her. PRIDE agrees that they’re tired of being controlled by Jonah, and it’s time to fight back by killing him.

I doubt Jonah is concerned with PRIDE though, as he’s carrying out his own mission with Frank, who claims he would do anything for Karolina’s safety. They stand over the box that Victor is being kept in, and according to Jonah, things will become “very, very interesting” once he’s back on his feet. Jonah pulls back his sleeve to reveal that his skin is getting flaky again, which can’t be a good sign.

Over at the hideout, the kids are asleep in van; Gert and Chase are cuddling, and so are Nico and Karolina. Alex left earlier to go meet with Darius, unbeknownst to the group, and he’s just returned. Nico wakes up and goes to talk to him; of course, he doesn’t tell her about who he met with — or the gun that Darius gave him — but he shows her the money he received from their deal.

At the Wilders, Geoffrey tells Catherine that he’s going to make “a call that could change everything.” He ensures that it will get the kids to safety, and then its time to go to war with Jonah.

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