Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E10 Recap: “Hostile”


Karolina, who is still feeling a bit weak, goes to hug her friends. The reunion doesn’t last too long though, as their main goal is helping her escape. They get caught by the recruiters on their way down, and they call security to come get them. After running away, they’re able to avoid the guards; Chase uses his X-ray goggles to make sure no one else is coming, and all he finds is a glowing outline of Jonah wandering the halls. Once they’re out of the church, they immediately jump into a Gibborim van that Alex stole, with the rest of the group inside.

Back at the church, Vaughn tells Leslie that Karolina escaped with her friends, which makes her relieved. Like all of the parents, she’s losing her trust in Jonah more and more. And considering the text Jonah received (“Mission accomplished. Let me know what’s next.”) he definitely has more secrets.

At the kids’ hideout, Nico finally gets a chance to talk to Karolina alone. Nico tells her that what she did for the team was epic. Karolina says they should’ve continued on without her; even though some of them did want to run, Nico was the only one who refused. In that moment, Nico initiates a kiss with her, making Karolina giddy in the process (who wouldn’t be?).

That’s right, Deanoru is officially canon!

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