Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E10 Recap: “Hostile”


Meanwhile, PRIDE is discussing the events from the night before, and it turns out that none of them had a clue about their kids’ powers. Tina decides to come clean about what happened when the Hernandezes died, revealing that Leslie was the one behind the fire. Together, they decide their next move: As they’re growing more suspicious about the dig site, the Yorkes will go there to analyze it. Rather than turning their kids into the police, the Wilders want to track down Karolina, hoping to get information on everything her friends know.

That might not be viable though, as Karolina is in Leslie’s private meditation room hooked up to a mask — the same one Jonah wore before he was revived. Leslie and Frank are by her side, tense as always, before Jonah kicks them out to talk alone with Karolina. She wakes up after he removes the mask, and tells Karolina that he’s her father. Jonah tells her that for the first time in a while he doesn’t feel so alone, and maybe he could give Karolina that gift. As always, Jonah’s intentions continue to be an enigma, as this conversation didn’t reveal them any further.

Nico, Chase and Molly are at a thrift store looking for undercover disguises. Chase and Nico kindly tease each other about their hookups before leaving to meet up with the rest of the group. They’re ready to save Karolina, but Alex tells Gert that she needs to leave Old Lace behind. Gert complies reluctantly, and the two of them have an adorable heart to heart.

They go to Timely Coffee and confront Vaughn (Gibborim follower and Leslie’s assistant), asking for help to get Karolina back. The kids also tell him about Leslie’s runaways, and how Karolina could be next since Jonah’s in control, but Vaughn doesn’t buy into it.

Chase and Molly pose as runaways to get picked up by the Church of Gibborim. When they arrive at the church, Vaughn notices them immediately and tells them to come with him. They’re stopped by two strange recruiters on the way, but Vaughn covers it up. They actually believe him, and off they go to the meditation room. Leslie only has access to the room, so Molly uses her super strength to rip the door off of its hinges.

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