Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E8 Recap: “Tsunami”


Last time on Marvel’s Runaways, everyone was gathered for the Atlas Academy open house. Since Molly revealed to Catherine Wilder that she saw one of the PRIDE sacrifices, the Yorkes agreed to send Molly to live with a relative. Nico was determined to know why Alex knew her mom’s password, but she never got an answer. In one of the show’s most unexpected moments yet, Janet shot Victor after he attacked Chase, leaving Victor’s fate in question.

“Tsunami” begins right where we left off, with Victor bleeding out on the garage floor. Chase and Janet are unable to stop the blood, and she sends PRIDE a text to come over and help. After the Minorus and Wilders arrive, they send Chase upstairs, who is confused as to why PRIDE was contacted instead of the police.

The Yorkes were late to receive Janet’s text (which simply read “tsunami”) since they were dropping Molly off at her relative Graciela’s house — her new place of residence. Dale and Stacey fail to put Molly at ease about the situation, since she’s still angry at them. Once they arrive at the Steins with the rest of PRIDE, everyone expects Dale and Stacey to save Victor, even though they’re technically not surgeons. The only PRIDE member absent is Leslie; they deliberately left her out because she’s too close with Jonah, and were worried that the mess would get worse if he finds out. Dale and Stacey do what they can to stop the bleeding but it’s not enough, and Victor ends up in a coma.

Chase is upstairs and decides to call Gert, but since she’s busy venting to her pet dinosaur downstairs, she doesn’t pick up. He calls Karolina next, telling her that his dad is hurt. Chase regrets attempting to get her involved, and hangs up. Karolina leaves Nico a voicemail after, telling her that something is wrong at the Steins. Leslie was listening through her daughter’s door the entire time, and leaves to take care of the situation herself. Instead of calling Jonah like everyone expected, she summons Frank to aid Victor. Frank revives him with the healing gloves briefly, just before he convulses and loses consciousness again.

Meanwhile, Karolina calls Gert to go with her to Chase’s. Gert knows that Karolina doesn’t want to be alone with him since he kissed her last time, and Nico is the one she actually has feelings for. Just as Karolina, Gert and Old Lace arrive, Jonah shows up thanks to a call from Tina, unbeknownst to the rest of PRIDE.

Jonah determines that they need to sacrifice another body in order to save Victor, and he chooses Janet since she’s responsible for what happened. She tries to defend herself, which leads to a dramatic argument where each PRIDE member defends why they shouldn’t be the one to be converted into energy that night.

After all that, Janet accepts that she needs to be the one, and Robert asks for a moment alone with her before they go through with it. He tells Janet that it’s important for her to say goodbye to Chase one last time. Just as she leaves to go do so, Robert tries to go into the box to sacrifice himself, aiming a Fistigon at the rest of the group to keep them away. Robert believes that he’s brought PRIDE the most shame, and Janet shouldn’t have to die because she was only trying to protect her son. Tina isn’t okay with her husband being sacrificed, and she uses the Staff of One to demolish the box. Is there any chance of Victor surviving now?

While all of that was going on, Nico had an uneasy conversation with Alex about everything he knew regarding the death of Amy, Nico’s sister. Alex knew Tina’s office password through Amy, who — as revealed in flashbacks — became worried after finding out that someone hacked her computer, tracking everything she typed. Tina was the one who hacked her, but after Amy cracked her password to beat her mom and sell information on Wizard, she became Tina’s target.

Nico still wasn’t convinced that Amy’s fear of Tina was the only reason she killed herself, and that she must have known something else that lead up to her last day. She rushes back home to search her sister’s room again, remembering that Tina never checked her phone. Nico finds it inside of her backpack, and quickly plugs it in to charge. At that moment, the PRIDE sacrifice footage finally decrypted on Alex’s computer, and he texts the rest of the group to let them in on the news.

After Victor is carried away in the box, Janet goes upstairs to tell Chase that PRIDE is taking exceptional care of his dad, which we know isn’t the truth. Karolina, Gert and Old Lace appear after Janet walks out, and they leave to go meet up with Alex.

Once they arrive, Alex explains that the videos are exactly what they need to put their parents away for good, but Chase disagrees. He knows that if something happens to PRIDE, his dad will die. Since Karolina thinks her dad can help them, she doesn’t want the videos to get out either. Chase and Alex end up fighting over the laptop, and Chase smashes it completely while the rest of the kids yell at him. It looks like the Runaways are back to where they began — where can they go from here?

The final scene shows Amy’s phone light up to display the last text she received, which read “He found out. LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW!”. This leads right into a quick flashback of the day Amy received that message. Just as she was gathering her things to run away from home, she was stopped by someone standing in her doorway. Another mystery left to uncover from this episode is the VCR tape that Molly’s parents left behind for her. Maybe it could reveal some of our lingering unanswered questions about PRIDE?

The parents are clearly falling apart, and so did the Runaways’ original mission. It will be interesting to see what the teens’ next move will be, especially as the debut season is nearing its end.

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