Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E7 Recap: “Refraction”


Last time on Marvel’s Runaways, the group attended PRIDE’s annual gala, where naturally, lots of drama got underway. Alex finally gained possession of the footage they need to turn their parents in, but Nico is becoming wary of him since he was able to guess her mom’s password. The secret is out regarding Janet Stein and Robert Minoru’s affair, announced in a speech by Victor Stein. Everyone also knows that Victor has brain cancer now, but Jonah (organizer of PRIDE, Leslie Dean’s lover, and Karolina’s biological dad) gave him medicine that boosted his immune system. Before the party’s end, Molly accidentally slipped by telling Catherine Wilder that she saw one of the sacrifices. Oh, and in better news, Karolina can fly!

Episode 7 kicks off with a flashback beginning 25 years ago, showing the Steins’ lives over the years. Janet and Victor first met in college, and had Chase years later after their marriage. In the delivery room, Victor holds his baby son, realizing that he’s the only thing in his life that truly matters. We jump ahead to where Chase is a bit older, waiting for his dad to pick him up from his lacrosse game. When he gets into the car, Victor is immediately hostile towards him, and Chase reciprocates since he failed to show up at his game. They begin to argue, and Victor hits him twice.

Back to present day, Victor is in his lab sleeping when his time machine awakes him with a futuristic message. The message is from an older Chase who apologizes to his dad, and warns him to never pick up the Fistigons.

At the Wilders, Catherine has decided to snoop through Alex’s room for evidence on his knowledge of what PRIDE really does. As for Alex, he can definitely tell that his parents are growing suspicious. Back at the Stein’s, Victor is still being overly nice due to his immune system from Jonah’s medicine. Janet is worried that he might return back to the typical, violent Victor, but Chase thinks that this change could be real for once. At the Minoru’s, Nico and her dad talk for the first time since she heard about the cheating. Nico has a much closer relationship with Robert than Tina, but she sees him in a different light upon knowing that he could leave their family.

In a hospital room, we see Leslie Dean alongside a couple who is saying their goodbyes to a loved one. After some Gibborim rhetoric, Leslie decides that he’s ready to be taken off the ventilator (or rather, “ready to see the spectrum”), but Frank walks in just before the doctor does anything. He asks everyone to leave the room so he can have a moment alone with Leslie. Frank completely revives the man with healing gloves that Jonah gave him, but Leslie warns him that those healing powers come with consequences.

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