Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Les/Bi News Roundup


Happy December, babes! The end of 2017 is finally near, and it’s been a brutal one, am I right? Lez ride out these last couple weeks with an Instagram revolt, Princess Cyd, and a new bisexual character on a major television show!

At least we’re one week closer to a new season of Wayhaught goodness!

A lesbian couple is fighting against the banning and removal of their family photo on Instagram.

This is Veronica and her beautiful family. Veronica runs a lifestyle blog, where she gets intimate about the ins and outs of her relationship with her partner, Jana, and their parenting dynamics. She also chats with readers about fun things like cooking and home decor. Oh.MamiBlue also has an Instagram account where Veronica showcases photos of her family and projects. This account has gained an extra spike in traffic this week due to the report and removal of a stunning picture that features Veronica and her family cozying up in bed together. You can find the original photo here.

Upon the removal of the photo by Instagram, Veronica started a hashtag campaign on her IG stories, which was also banned. This second burst of homophobia has been followed up with a movement and hashtag where other members of the LGBTQ community are posting their own photos of happy moments with their partners. You can support this movement by posting your pictures and hashtagging #BorraIGdehomófobos, which means “delete Instagram homophobes.”

Princess Cyd is now available to watch On Demand!

Princess Cyd is one of the most buzzed about indie lesbian films of 2017. In case you missed it back when we covered the trailer release, you can watch it below.

Princess Cyd follows a teen over the summer she spends with her aunt, and the two explore what it means to be a woman in every sense of the word, examining gender expression and sexual orientation across generations. I’ve got this one queued up and ready to watch with my wife this weekend, so what are you waiting for?

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