A bisexual mother and photographer adds to the gay on “Miami Social”


Though there are two openly gay men starting on Bravo’s upcoming reality show Miami Social, premiering tomorrow night, there is also a lady with some homosexual tendencies.

Some call her bisexual, others simply bi-curious, but blonde Russian bombshell and fashion photographer/mom Maria Lankina is not shy about her interest in ladies, saying, “Why discriminate against half the population?”

Bravo describes her as:

…a no-nonsense Russian bombshell who has taken Miami by storm. After moving to the city in 2005, it took her no time to make a mark on the scene, and only is seen at the chicest spots in South Beach. She currently works as an art director and freelance photographer after studying at the prestigious Miami Ad School, and has had the opportunity to travel the world for her job. She describes herself as “forward, rebellious and fiery,” but is a passionate and devoted mom to 13-year-old Angelika.

Watch her intro video:

Despite any semblance of Maria’s sexuality appearing gimmicky — which is perhaps unfair to say for a show so focused on gimmick in its entirety — Maria seems like she might also be the most interesting and genuine cast member. Because she has a daughter there is bound to be drama in her life that goes beyond gossiping over canapés, flirting with the cute cocktail waitress and sniping at exes of both sexes.

A show that feels like the grownup love child of The Real World and Friends, Miami Social is based in the world of Bravo reality TV. However, unlike the cable networks other guilty pleasures (such asThe Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey and Atlanta), the freewheeling South Beach crowd required a much less regimented setting. And, as Maria says in her video, it’s not about people trying to make it — it’s about people that have already made it.

Will you be watching Miami Social?

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