The un-aired “Dollhouse” episode will debut at Comic-Con


While the fate of Dollhouse was yet unknown, Felicia Day scared us all by tweeting that she had filmed an Episode 13 that wouldn’t air.

Fortunately, we soon learned that Fox had smiled kindly on us and we’d be seeing more Eliza Dollhouse next season.

The Dollhouse: Season One DVD, which will be released July 28, will include the missing episode, “Epitaph One,” and lucky San Diego Comic-Con attendees will get to see it a few days early as a part of a two-hour session at the convention.

According to an interview with Joss Whedon, the episode is a post-apocalyptic story that was never intended to air, but was filmed because the studio needed 13 episodes for foreign markets. In this 30-second clip from “Epitaph One” a very scared and confused Whiskey (Amy Acker) is confronted by a group of armed guards, one of whom is Day.

My first question, based on the fact that this is supposedly 30 years in the future: Where are Whiskey/Dr. Saunders’ scars?

Mo Ryan, Chicago Tribune’s “The Watcher,” has seen “Epitaph One” and has some fun facts and teasers, including these (stop if you want to know nothing — spoilers ahead):

—The ep implies a relationship between two characters we wouldn’t expect, but which, in retrospect, makes sense.

—We see Topher as we’ve never seen him before.

—The regular cast appears, but not as much as the guest stars because “Epitaph One” was filmed at the same time as the episode’s season finale, “Omega.”


Olivia Williams, who plays Adelle DeWitt and has wanted to carry a gun the entire series, finally gets to pack heat.

Ryan lists more factoids, but these are plenty to get me excited about “Epitaph One.” Are you planning to order Dollhouse on DVD? What characters do you think might have a relationship?

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