“Sorority Row” borrows from “The L Word”


There is something familiar about the poster for the forthcoming slasher film remake, Sorority Row.

Is it the Greek letters engulfed in flames? No, that’s not it. The bloody font adornments? No, not that either. The slogan about being sisters in life and death? Nope. Man, what is it? How do I know that poster? It’s going to drive me crazy.

Wait, is it — yes, of course: it’s the pile of naked women.

Helena, Tasha, Alice, Bette, Tina, Kit, Jenny and Shane, meet Cassidy, Jessica, Claire, Ellie, Chugs and Megan.

Apparently you guys have a lot in common. They’re a bunch of cheaters; you’re a bunch of cheaters. They accidentally murdered one of their BFFs; you accidentally murdered one of your BFFs. They promised to take the secret to their graves, but then ended up being stalked and serial-killed by a hooded creature; you — well, no; not even you were stalked by a hooded creature — but who knows what would have happened if you’d been granted a seventh season.

OK, so: let’s look at these posters carefully.

The best part of The L Word‘s sixth season poster to me is the part where Tina is about to, er, go down in history on Bette, but Bette’s sister is asleep on Tina’s cheek. I don’t know enough about these sorority girls to know if anything that creepy is happening in their own Pile of Women poster, but I wouldn’t put it past them. You know what ladies are like when they get all nude and stacked together like Legos.

Here are a couple of stills from Sorority Row. Again, I have no idea what’s going on in them, but in the right context it’s The L Word:Redux.

This is usually the part where I ask if you’ll see Sorority Row (it comes out on September 11 this year), but mostly I’m curious about the posters. Does Pile of Women marketing work on you? For example, would you be more likely to buy a certain brand of, say, chapstick if the advertisement featured a heap of naked chicks with cherry soft lips?

Thanks to Hardy Har over at Television Without Pity for the tip!

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