Daria, the animated apathetic antihero is finally coming to DVD


If the phrase “You’re standing on my neck” means anything to you, I’m about to make your day, week and quite possibly year. Everyone’s favorite green-blazered teenage misanthrope is finally coming to DVD. The animated MTV series Daria is set to be released in 2010.

All you misery chicks out there, that unfamiliar emotion you’re feeling right now is pure, unadulterated joy. You might even feel like squealing and jumping up and down, this is normal — just don’t let anyone see you.

MTV has quietly announced the planned release of the series, which originally ran 1997-2002, in a single-screen promo that ran in front of the new DVD set for fellow former MTV series The State. No word yet on any particulars, or when in 2010 we can expect to hear that familiar dead-pan again.

Since it went off the air seven years ago, it’s gotten harder and harder to get your Daria fix. The N played reruns for a few years. MTV also released DVDs of the two Daria movies: Is It Fall Yet? And Is it College Yet? But these days it’s even hard to track down clips. About the best I could do was this promo, complete with foreign subtitles.

How I’ve missed Daria and Jane. They were animated antiheroes for the smart, sarcastic outsider in all of us. I don’t know about you, but I’m already clearing a space for Daria next to my other gone-but-not-forgotten box sets like My So-Called Life and Wonderfalls. Is it 2010 yet?

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