‘Wynonna Earp’ S2 E12: “I Hope You Dance”


Mum’s the word this season, and the branches on the Earp family tree just keep growing.

When we last left Wynonna Earp, everyone was finally on their way out of Dopplegangland and back into the real Purgatory. Now we know what the tiny town would be like without the gunslinger, and as ugly as things are right now, they’d be much worse without our badass Mommy-to-be.

Wynonna is promptly dropped right back in the action, still uber pregnant and uber in danger as she waltzes in to protect Waverly from the Widows and a newly resurrected Bobo, who remarks on the “new gay Waverly.” She snaps back about Bobo’s womanly coat, while the sister-wives and Bobo inform the Earp sisters that the third seal has been broken, allowing Clootie to rise. The ground shudders and the Earp girls are laid out, where they regroup and Waverly atones for her transgressions and Wynonna laments over her labor pains.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 4.41.19 PM

Bobo and the sister-wives head down to the tomb where gooey Clootie is weak, but stirring. The Widows brainstorm over ways to restore their beloved husband’s strength, and just as Beth suggests that a sacrifice of the Earp baby would do the trick (because eating babies is always the answer for evil things), Mercedes decides she wants out of the family affair. Mercedes traps Bobo and Beth underground with Clootie and takes off to track down Wynonna herself.

Meanwhile, Dolls wakes up in a body bag and scurries off to reunite with the rest of the gang, sans a missing Doc Holliday. Everyone meets up at the homestead to chat about Wynonna’s vagina while Doc goes to search for Doc, who is now`mortal and more than a little bit annoyed about being killed by Dolls in Dopplegangland.

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In between pee breaks, Wynonna shows the rest of the group what she’s discovered about the Peacemaker: it glows when it comes in contact with the plate, because they’re made with the same metal. Since the Peacemaker alone can’t hurt the Widows or Clootie, they take both the gun and the plate to the Iron Witch and force her to make a weapon out of the plate. The Witch is only able to forge one single bullet to take down Clootie, so it’s a good thing Wynonna has become such a stellar shot.