Pepa and Silvia Get Married


This Wednesday, on this season’s second-to-last episode of the Spanish TV comedy/drama Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men), Pepa and Silvia are getting married.

Set in a police precinct, Los Hombres de Paco revolves around the professional and personal lives of several characters, include Pepa the cop (Laura Sanchez) and Silvia the forensics expert (Marián Aguilera).

The series has a large international following, thanks to the internet — you can watch the episodes online in Spanish at, and with English subtitles at various other places, and there are several fan sites and forums devoted to the show and the lesbian couple. This growing popularity is one of the reasons Sanchez landed on the Hot 100 this year.

The series has already been renewed for a ninth season, tentatively scheduled to air in October.

(For more background on this show and Pepa and Silvia, read our recent article about lesbians on Spanish TV).

The lesbian wedding is a favorite plot point for TV writers — on American shows like Friends, Queer as Folk, All My Children, and The L Word, and even international shows like another popular Spanish series, Hospital Central.

But unlike other clichéd storylines lesbian characters are often saddled with, heterosexual couples are just as frequently subjected to the wedding storyline, and Pepa and Silvia’s engagement and the subsequent wedding planning has not been dragged out for most of the season — it’s all happened in the last few episodes.

Meanwhile, Pepa and Silvia have continued to be involved in other storylines, as well — some good, some great, and some a little lame, like most of the other characters on the show.

They’ve also been allowed to engage in the same level of physical affection as their heterosexual counterparts on the show, which is definitely not the norm for lesbian/bi TV characters in America (and in many other countries).

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