‘The Fosters’ Recap S5 E5: “Telling”


The Fosters has become known for dropped tiny seeds of political awareness amongst the bold oats of sexual awareness it sows each week. This week’s episode features a prime example of that as we open with Callie’s stroll across the college campus. She’s interrupted by a fellow student who asks her to sign a petition requested the college to refuse admittance to a right-wing speaker who is anti-immigration. The spark in Callie’s eye indicates there’s a fire of social activism brimming just beneath the surface, but she tells him she isn’t actually a student at the school.

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Cole brings a young boy who is being sexually assaulted by a man he stays with to the precinct, where Stef implores him to reveal the name of the man who is abusing him. Unfortunately, we have a bit of Stockholm Syndrome running through him at the moment, so he takes Stef’s card and leaves. Stef is visibly shaken and shows the first signs of the obsessions that can often be a side effect of a job like hers.

Tess shows up to invited the Fosters over for dinner, where Mariana gives us a fine display of compromising her own character and identity by pretending to be the person she thinks the hunky new neighbor boy will like. While she’s changing to go on a run, Callie poses the question of Mariana hanging out with Ximena’s little sister.

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In the backyard, Brandon chases around Mason while Cortney radiates obvious remorse over the loss of that romance, and Mariana dishes about her roller derby tryouts. Inside, Jesus pleads with Emma for forgiveness and informs her that he’s dropping out of school. Smart way to win your girlfriend back, dude.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in lesbian paradise, because Lena is showcasing obvious distain for Stef’s continuous rejection of the methods Lena has researched to help Jesus. They don’t even finish the conversation, due to the work phone call Stef takes.

The phone call is from Cole, who takes Stef to an area of town where homeless LGBT youth have set up camp. A young boy recalls fooling around with some other boys in front of him at a hotel room and claims he stole a thumb drive from him. When Stef requests the drive, the boy offers to sell it to her for a hundred bucks.

Dinner ends up being at the Foster family house after all, and while Tess, Lena, and Stef all share awkward exchanges, practically all of the Foster kids are conspiring to attend the fundraising party for the roller derby team. Mariana brings Logan, but when she tells the Moms she’s going to “see a movie”, they allow Jesus to tag along. Although he promises to behave, Mariana has to keep chasing Jesus around to stop him from dancing with the derby girls.