RachelWatch: In Celebration of Being 12 Years Old


Today: Hooking and pucking.

Rachel is still on vacation, and Wednesday night The Rachel Maddow Show was replaced with yet more Michael Jackson coverage. So let’s act out by being childish.

First, a clip that I have chosen because it is newly relevant, given the recent flap over Robert Gibbs calling on Huffington Post blogger Nico Pitney during a White House press conference. I might also have been influenced by Rachel’s multiple references to the “hooker guy” who had mysteriously free access to the White House during Bush’s administration.

And next, a personal favorite: Rachel calls bullpuckey. Enjoy.

Those of you with DTs or other withdrawal symptoms, be strong: there are only a few more days to get through. Check back here Friday and Monday for more favorite clips to keep you going.

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