“The Fosters” Recap S5E2: Exterminate Her


Tonight we pick up right where the season premiere left off, as Stef and Lena pull up at home with Callie and see a moving van for new neighbors. But the moms are a bit distracted by Callie’s curiosity as to whether she’ll have to testify against creep Pimp or not to pay too much attention to who is loving in. As Stef storms out of the car, Lena and Callie follow up to the front door and discover the Foster family has prepared a surprise party for Callie in light of news that all of the charges against her have been dropped. Said party is thrown in Stef and Lena’s house. Without their knowledge. Straight, white dudes just have no idea.

After discovering Callie’s tryst with the Pimp, Robert sits down with the Moms for a bit of an intervention. He tells Callie that he wants to be more involved in her life to ensure she gets back on the right path. Maybe it’s the defensive lesbian in me, but I don’t jive with this scene. It feels like the implication is that Callie needs her biological father in order get her life together. Even if Lena and Stef are exhausted, they’re enough.

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Stef is at her wits end with Callie, and she takes comfort in Lena as the two get ready to face the day and try to decide what kind of welcome gift to give the new neighbors. This brief interaction is just one of the many that serves as a reminder of what a unique, portrayal of a marriage (gay, straight, lesbian, or any other kind) we have here. Their disagreement over the neighbors’ gift is just smoke and mirrors for the stress they’re feeling from all of the chaos, and they get to the meat of their woes swiftly and lovingly, together. Total relationship goals right here.

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