“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.6 “A Big Mistake”



The confessor: Dominic just can’t keep a secret.

The catastrophe: A new inmate shows up and rocks Denny’s world.

The coquette: Helen flirts with Nikki at every opportunity.

Lovely Larkhall Ooh, look at that. That’s kind of a pretty prison, isn’t it? I mean, as places of incarceration go. If I were an inmate there, I’d send postcards home that said, “Look at my castle!”

A truck (er, lorry) is trundling through the gate. It’s delivering women. Inside, Shell and Zandra watch the newbies arrive. Shell says, “Let’s hope we get some gear off this lot.” Isn’t it nice that she and Zandra have found some common ground? Addiction makes for strong bonds.

One of the new inmates looks like she knows a thing or two about addiction. She’s shaking and bleeding and just looks generally messed up. She peers up at the prison and shakes some more.

The officers’ lounge — Fenner asks whether anyone has seen Helen yet today; she’s been on holiday. He hopes she’s decided to change careers. “If only,” says Sylvia.

Speaking of changing careers, Dominic is still considering quitting the prison service. Sylvia says it’s probably for the best, if he feels he can’t hack it.

Dominic: It’s got bugger all to do with hacking it.

Ooh! Dominic, you’re cute when you’re angry. And at pretty much every other moment of the day.

Dominic accuses Sylvia of not caring (or not “giving a toss,” which is really much more evocative) whether the prisoners live or die. Jim tells him Rachel’s death wasn’t anyone’s fault.

Dominic: Oh, so we’re all happy just as long as the money goes into the bank on time?

Hmm. I really hope nobody’s doing this for the money. There have got to be better ways to pay for your morning cuppa.

Dominic leaves. Sylvia says, “Get Mr. Conscience there.” Yeah, actually, you might want to look into getting a conscience, Bodybag. It’s kind of a nice thing to have.

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