12 Best Lesbian Couples on UK TV


Nan and Kitty from Tipping the Velvet


Set in Victorian England, this three-part dramedy told the story of Nan, an oyster girl (which sounds like it has to be a double entendre), and Kitty, a cross-dressing music hall star, who meet and fall in love.

There is no doubt in my mind that Kitty is more conflicted about the relationship than Nan is, owing to the line: “I hate the way you make me feel.” However, while Kitty wants to keep the relationship a secret, she has no problem playing up to the Sapphic subtext in front of a paying audience, which Nan calls her out on. Based on the novel by Sarah Waters.


Kate and Caroline from Last Tango in Halifax




Caroline, a closeted lesbian in her forties, is inspired to come out after her mother gets remarried, but mama isn’t so inspired by Caroline. In fact, she’s mainly a **** to her daughter, imo.

Caroline falls in love with her colleague Kate and the pair embark on a beautiful relationship that I wish I could emulate, and by the third season they’re planning a wedding, expecting a baby, and doing all the domestic bliss things that make me happy for them.

However, right after their wedding, the couple are involved in a car crash which kills the heavily pregnant Kate,  a move that series creator, Sally Wainwright, described as necessary to reconcile the mother-daughter relationship.

So Kate fell victim to the Dead Lesbian Trope and my eyes narrowed at Wainwright’s explanation.


Emily and Naomi from Skins UK



Full disclosure: I didn’t watch Skins during its original run, due to a dislike of the main male character (I mean, we can all agree that Tony was a dick, right?). However, I have gone back to rewatch fan videos and read the Skins Wiki and I agree that Emily and Naomi are incredibly cute.

The evolution of their relationship also felt incredibly real to me, especially the period where Emily insists she was 100% straight even though she instigated their first kiss, because I might have done the same thing at 14.

All in all, their relationship weathered infidelity, a potential jail sentence (for selling MDMA), and parental disapproval. Then, at the end of season 4, Naomi tells Emily that she is done running and invites her to travel to India with her after leaving college.


So, what did you think of the list? Which of your favorite couples did I miss? Let me know below and they may just feature in a future post.

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