12 Best Lesbian Couples on UK TV


Patsy and Delia from Call the Midwife

call midwife

Soon after feisty trainee midwife Delilah joins the team in Poplar, she falls for Patsy.  But after a car accident leaves Delilah with amnesia, she completely forgets about her girlfriend and her mother takes her back home to Wales, and it looks like it might be the end for them.

Thankfully, Delilah has since returned and the couple is back on track.

Sophie and Sian from Coronation Street


This was Coronation Street’s first lesbian storyline and although it should not have taken until 2009, I was still excited for it.

Their first kiss was beautiful and tender and everything that your first love should be (I know that they had relationships with guys beforehand, but shh!) but they have to hide their relationship when Sophie’s mum bans them from being together (because, idk, Sally thought it worked out so well when she stopped Sophie’s older sister Rosie from dating…aside from the car crash and attempted elopement).

The pair face homophobia at college, from the pastor, and their families, with the exception of Rosie. As a result, they make plans to elope but only make it as far as the coach station before they are caught by Sally who (finally!) sees the error of her ways and asks them to come back and get married in front of their families.

Although Sophie and Sian do not actually end up getting married, their relationship was still adorable and I’m sure gave hope to younger viewers that things do get better.

Full disclosure: A great deal of the most important plot (i.e. the lead up to their wedding) happened whilst I was travelling, so I’ve had to rely on recaps from 2011.


Madame Vastra and Jenny from Dr Who



Given that time in the Who-verse is more like “a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff”, than a linear narrative; it is hard to pinpoint exactly when Vastra and Jenny’s relationship changed from employer/employee to partners to a married couple.

For those of us who like sci-fi, the two are a cute, realistic couple, who have time to bicker and disagree, even though one is them is a lizard-woman and both are sword-wielding, crime fighting badasses.

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