10 TV Lesbian Couples That Gave Me All The Feels


Pam and Tara (True Blood)

True Blood

The coupling of Pam and Tara was a surprise to fans of the Charlaine Harris book series, as Tara remains both human and straight throughout the written story. However, everyone’s favorite lesbian vampire sires Tara, albeit reluctantly, in the premiere episode of season five.

The two ferocious female vamps embark on a messy, sexy relationship by the end of the season, bringing out a vulnerability and tenderness rarely seen in either of these two characters. They’re tough lady vamps who spend so much time trying to convince everything they’re too hardened for feelings, but the truth is that they just needed someone else to share those feelings with.

Root and Shaw (Person of Interest)

Root and Shaw

Although this couple were one of the many to recently fall victim to the “Bury Your Guys” trope, while they lasted, Root and Shaw were the heart and soul of Person of Interest. The unique, tech-centered, crime case of the week style drama rarely focused on human relationships and characterization, but when it did it was normally centered around these two women.

Actress Amy Acker defends Root’s death by claiming it was a testament to her first love, which was ultimately The Machine. After her death she evolves to become the voice of The Machine. The relationship between Root and Shaw was short lived, but it was beautifully done and worth every second.

Clarke and Lexa (The 100)


The demise of Clexa still breaks my heart, and I begrudgingly stopped watching The 100 shortly after Lexa’s untimely death not just in protest, but because the loss of that relationship left little to be desired for me in regards to an emotional viewing experience.

The organic way in which Clarke and Lexa come together in a dystopian universe that’s too evolved to require labels for sexuality felt so enlightened, which resulted in an even heaver disappointment when the show fell victim to the lesbian death trope. Lexa was a complete powerhouse. She was tough as nails, ruthless when she needed to be and kind to those who earned it, and she was unabashedly, unapologetically gay. Watching these two badass leaders come together was incredibly rewarding, and seeing their demise so shortly after is something I’ll never forgive that show for.

Alex and Maggie (Supergirl)


As vital as the number one couple on this list has been as far as longevity over the years, if the portrayal of Alex and Maggie continues on the same path it’s on now, this couple could have the same lasting impact on the millennial generation. Alex’s coming out story is poignant enough to relate to, but never overshadows the rest of her character arc.

Throughout season two of Supergirl the portrayal of Alex continues to expand beyond her sexuality, showcasing her depth and strength as Kara’s sister, who might be human but in more ways the one is stronger than Supergirl herself. Both Maggie and Alex are tough as nails, and we see that come into play in their relationship. Where Supergirl succeeds the most here is when it allows the couple to share their vulnerabilities with one another in order to strengthen and grow their bond. The two finally dropped the big L word in season 2, only to break every gay heart when they were canceled as a couple.

Bette and Tina (The L Word)

L Word

There’s no denying it. Bette and Tina still remain the end all, be all of TV lesbian couples. Sure, an abundance of things happen from the premiere of season one to the finale of season six, but when it comes right down to it The L Word is a catalog of the relationship between these two women. Their breakups, their reunions, the birth of a child, and everything in between breaks ground by giving viewers a fully fleshed, deeply honest portrayal of a lesbian relationship.

Lesbian storylines are so often coupled with the drama that comes along with the process of coming out and acceptance, that it’s refreshing to watch the trials of a relationship revolve around the same issues straight couple struggle through. Although we don’t get finite resolution on the fate of their relationship, I like to think they’re happily married with a whole soccer team of children running around.

Which on-screen couples mean the most to you? Did I miss any of the ones you love? Let me know in the comments!