Supergirl Recap: S2. E17: “Distant Sun”


The toxic love duo that is Kara and Mon-El has fueled a significant amount of screen time during the second season of Supergirl so far, and of course the latest round of drama culminated in Kara forgiving Mon-El yet again after she faces death. Am I the only one here who interprets the dynamic between the two as borderline abusive? As this week’s episode opens, Kara wakes up to Mon-El making her breakfast in bed, prompted by Mon-El’s latest venture into reading books to learn how to cook. The romantic breakfast is promptly and rudely interrupted by an alien attack in the heart of National City.


After Kara kicks some alien ass and heads to the DEO to discuss the deets with her cohorts, J’onn discusses the current state of the Daxamite’s orbit with the President of the United States. Madam President (yes, never forget that in this feminist universe, our President is indeed a woman) encourages the DEO not to engage with the Daxamites for fear of potentially sparking an intergalactic war.

After a yoga session and an adorable moment of Maggie and Alex poking fun at themselves for acting like a stereotypical lesbian couple, the two run in to Maggie’s ex-girlfriend Emily. The whole interaction is incredibly awkward (as lesbian ex run-ins usually are due to the inherent female instinct to be overly kind and welcoming in order to diffuse uncomfortable silence)  Alex, of course, encourages Maggie to invite Emily to dinner with them that evening, and Emily quickly accepts. How many ways can this scenario end terribly?


Back at the DEO, Winn discovers that the invader Kara beat down is in fact a bounty hunter, hired to hunt and kill Supergirl. The bounty over Supergirl’s head is high enough to entice hoards of aliens to line up in National City to find her. Supergirl wants to meet them head on one by one, but the rest of the group encourages her to hide until they sort out the source of the bounty in order to preserve her safety. Mon-EL, suspecting his parents might be behind the bounty over Supergirl’s head, requests a meeting with them at the local alien watering hole. His parents vehemently deny being behind the price on Supergirl’s head, attempting to appeal to Mon-El to return to Daxam with them.

Meanwhile, at dinner that evening, Emily still hasn’t shown up to meet Maggie and Alex after a 45-minute wait, because who wouldn’t want to sit at a restaurant and eat with your ex and her new girlfriend? Maggie mentions that the blow off makes sense since Emily sliced through her with some pretty harsh words after their five years together ended, sparking obvious protective anger in Alex, because that’s what she’s been raised to do.

Supergirl is feeling restless while stuck at home playing board games with Winn and James, and Mon-El walks in and actually experiments with honesty, admitting to Supergirl that he was interrogating his parents. As timely as ever, almost implying that Mon-El’s body simply rejects telling the truth, a psychic alien hijacks his being to try and kill Supergirl. Winn has programmed an alert to notify him when a bounty hunter is nearby, so he approaches him with, a stapler? Once the telepath is caught due to his mistake assumption that said stapler is a gun, J’onn begins a psychic battle with him in an attempt to discover who has put the bounty out on Supergirl. J’onn’s mental victory persuades the alien to consent, revealing that Mon-El’s mother is in fact behind the hit out on Supergirl.


Alex shows up to the hotel where Emily is staying to confront her about standing them up for dinner after she hurt Maggie so badly during their breakup, triggering Emily to reveal that Maggie cheated on her. So, yet again, Maggie has convoluted the details of her personal history in order to present her past to Alex in a more flattering light. Maybe the two will handle this whole dishonesty situation more maturely than Kara and Mon-El do, because these parallels have to be playing out for a reason, right?

Mon-El encourages Kara to run away to a distant planet with him, citing his recent endeavors to read as the inspiration for the plan. Unfortunately, Mon-El’s source is Romeo and Juliet, and he hasn’t reached the ending yet. Kara decides that the best course of action is, wait for it, a heart to heart discussion with Mon-El’s mother. As soon as the three arrive for this discussion, Rhea insults Kara’s choice of meeting place, so it starts off really well.


Rhea makes her clear stance on how much she takes Mon-El’s own feelings into consideration when she pulls out a weapon made of kryptonite and attacks Supergirl. As it becomes clear that Rhea won’t stop until she kills Supergirl, Mon-El offers to leave with his parents if they agree not to continue hurting her. When I say parents I only mean Rhea, because it’s also apparent the Mon-El’s father is ignorant of his wife’s murderous escapades.

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