Holby City recap (19.21, 19.22, and 19.23): The Price We Pay, Other People’s Dreams, and The Hangover


Last time on Holby City: Since losing her daughter, Ellie, at New Year’s, Serena has been behaving coldly to Jasmine, the junior doctor who she blames for her daughter’s death. Although, in all fairness, Jasmine couldn’t do much to prevent Ellie’s death. Serena did, however, make up with Bernie on Valentine’s Day.


The Price We Pay

When we open, Serena (Catherine Russell) is in her first actual therapy session and she’s actually talking about her feelings- Bernie must be so proud! But if you’d expect that her therapy session will have a calming effect on Serena, you’d be wrong.


Serena: “I’m glad I’ve come for counselling at last, but I’m not in denial.”


Serena still appears to be taking out her anger on Jasmine (Lucinda Dryzek), though, refusing to call on her during rounds. Serena points to Jasmine after Morven (Eleanor Fanyinka) has done the initial assessment and amps up the pressure; telling Jasmine to hurry up before snapping at her that the patient is now dead.

Luckily, the team is just completing an assessment on a mannequin; rather than a real-life patient. Jasmine tries to explain that she gets nervous before exams but that doesn’t stop Serena screaming at her.



Serena: “Consider this a final warning. Get out.”


Hanssen (Guy Henry) has taken to monitoring the wards and Serena takes the opportunity to slag off Jasmine to him. It is then that he reveals to Serena that he is on the ward investigating claims of bullying surrounding Serena and Jasmine.

Uh oh, Serena.

She finds Bernie (Jemma Redgrave) to talk about the bullying claims but Bernie brushes her off and makes excuses to leave – did Bernie report Serena?



Bernie: “I’d heard murmurs of discontent.”


Serena attempts to make it right with Jasmine, which appears to confuse the poor junior doctor; then Bernie approaches to ask Jasmine to keep any further complaints more discrete.

Jasmine-totally confused about the whole issue talks to Hanssen  and reveals that she never complained about Serena, despite becoming flustered when he questions her further.

So, if Jasmine didn’t make the complaint and Bernie didn’t either, then who has raised the issue?

Later, in theatre, Hanssen is watching from outside when Serena challenges Jasmine to let the adrenaline kick in and assist in the surgery. Still, she snaps at Jasmine when she doesn’t respond quickly enough and blames the junior doctor for not handing her the right equipment.

Then Hanssen steps in to tell Serena that she needs to kinder to the juniors and that she is making Jasmine ill. He excuses Jasmine from the surgery.

Later, when Jasmine comes to apologize to Serena (for being lied to by a patient, I presume), Serena screams at their loud enough to attract the attention of Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) and Morven at the nurses’ station and Bernie at the other end of the hall.

She grabs hold of Jasmine’s face before screaming at her she wished Ellie was still there instead of Jasmine.


Serena: “Why, why, why are you still here? And she’s not!”

Bernie calls to her, asking her to release Jasmine, but Serena draws Jasmine into a hug and cries on her shoulder.


Hanssen decides not to remove Serena from her duties, instead preferring to monitor the situation; he reveals that Jasmine never made any complaint, in fact, she was the one who pled with Hanssen for mercy on Serena. He notes that Jac (Rosie Marcel) had caught Jasmine crying and raised the issue with him.

Serena catches up with Jasmine in the parking lot, later and apologizes to Jasmine. Jasmine accepts the apology without question, even asking Serena to remain as her mentor.


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