“Supergirl” Recap (2.11) – The Martian Chronicles


On the heels of a nationwide controversy over Trump’s executive orders on immigration, Sunday night’s Super Bowl featured numerous commercials that took a stance on equality and support of refugees and immigrants. And last night’s episode of  Supergirl, regardless of the intention of its timing, also delivered a political message that was both compassionate and inspiring. Director Glen Winter curated a gleeful, welcoming platform for tackling tough and timely issues and weaving them together to deliver a positive and encouraging outlook on difficult subject matters.

via The CW

via The CW

This week’s episode “The Martian Chronicles” examines various forms of relationships and the selfish, shallow judgments we sometimes make as human beings while being honest with ourselves about what our feelings truly are. Episode 11 opens with Kara posting up at her usual spot with her club soda, looking to clear the air after Mon El revealed that he likes her as more than just a partner in fighting crime. She clumsily attempts to explain to him why they aren’t a good match, fumbling in a way that makes it clear she doesn’t even believe herself.

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Cue Alex’s perfectly timed entrance to break the news to Kara that she’s changing the plans for their usual annual routine to celebrate Kara’s 13th “Earth Birthday”. Kara had made last minute plans for them to take a line dancing class, but Alex informs Kara that Maggie surprised her with tickets to see her favorite band, the Barenaked Ladies! Talk about a throwback band. Only slightly attempting to mask her disappointment, Kara brushes off the news and abruptly ends the conversation as Maggie pops in to announce she was able to upgrade their tickets. Alex’s growing excitement results in Kara’s growing sulk that clearly has to do with more than just a change of plans.

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Ever the empath connected to Alex’s emotions, Maggie can tell something is amiss between the siblings, and a sufficiently awkward moment is had for all. I feel bad for Kara’s big plans falling through, but the excitement on Alex’s face over having a thoughtful girlfriend who wants to make her happy is just contagious. We’ve all been on both ends of this conundrum when the honeymoon phase, particularly with those who are new to a serious relationship, can cause the bestie to feel left out and unimportant. Not to mention Kara is obviously perplexed over her own feelings, asking M’gann to make her whatever Mon El is having only to discover he has been ordering club soda for the last week. Feelings are hard.

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Meanwhile, M’gann confronts J’onn outside the bar for following her around while disguised as various strangers. Just as she’s insisting that she doesn’t need protection since the White Martians haven’t arrived yet, one of them suddenly attacks, struggling with both M’gann and J’onn. Supergirl intervenes, surprising the White Martian, who swiftly takes off. Everyone gathers at the DEO headquarters to reassess the situation and try to track the White Martian’s whereabouts, but M’gann abruptly insists she can handle the situation herself.

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M’gann arrives back at the bar only to be confronted by the White Martian again, who turns out to be Armek, M’gann’s mate from Mars who is a bonafide “White” supremacist convinced his race is superior to all others. Armek and M’gann proceed to argue over the justification of eradicating other species, because apparently this conversation is a necessary one still in 2017. Afterward, M’gann packs a bag and tries to discreetly leave town but is confronted by, you guessed it, her savior J’onn. He explains to M’gann that everyone wants to protect her as she is part of their community now, convincing her to stay and let J’onn and the rest of the DEO.

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