Changes! Letter From the Editor 01.16.17


Good news and a few changes are on the horizon, AE readers. Thanks to your feedback, commentary and suggestions, I’ve organized the writing team so we can give you what you want to read! Here are a few highlights you can look forward to seeing on the site in the coming weeks and months.


Did you catch our Lez Dish it Out! weekly run-down with Gillian Walters? If you didn’t, here are links to the first two. Our replacement for the Morning Brew and Best Lesbian Week Ever, you can expect to see these every Friday. Gillian is a senior writer at Perez Hilton when she’s not at AfterEllen, so she is an expert at finding the latest in entertainment news. I’m thrilled to have her here at AE, and this new reason to look forward to Fridays even more!

Speaking of entertainment news, last week we shared what TV shows are on our recap gaydar. Coming up first here on AE, writer Beth Reynolds will be recapping Supergirl. Next on the recap to-do list we simply must check out the new lesbian character on Jane the Virgin. Of course, OF COURSE we will be recapping The Handmaid’s Tale and the final season of Pretty Little Liars, but those are a few weeks away. Are you excited?

Celebrity interviews are coming your way, dear AE readers. I am happy to say that a few ladies you’ll definitely be pleased to hear from are on my interview schedule. And the first one to come right out of the gate is a woman I know you are going to be very, very VERY happy to see on AE. No spoilers, though. I’m going to keep you guessing. But trust me, it’s good.

AfterEllen is getting a sex and relationship column! While it’s still in development, the new column will be replacing The Hook Up from years past. So get your dating and lesbian sex questions ready, and don’t be shy.

Have a great week everyone!



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