Naya Rivera’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is a worthwhile read for die-hard fans


Spoiler alert: If you are planning to pick up Naya Riveras memoir, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up with hopes that she will address the offhanded comments she made about possibly being bisexual on The View last year, you will be disappointed. There is zero talk of queerness in this memoir.

However, if you are a die-hard Naya fan, Sorry Not Sorry is a deeper look into the life and career of the Glee actress and AfterEllen Hot 100 fave.


Twenty-nine years old might be a bit young to pen a memoir, but Naya Rivera has a lot to say. Sorry Not Sorry gives readers insight into Naya’s early years, including her parents’ tumultuous relationship and her burgeoning career as a child actress. Life was not always a bed of roses for the young Naya and her family, and many times it was Naya’s acting money that kept the family afloat. Naya is candid about her issues with money, from having plenty to finding herself deeply in debt at a young age. The memoir offers triumphs as well cautionary tales, and each chapter includes things that Naya regrets and would do all over again, hence the title. 

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Fans of Glee will get a look behind the scenes of the popular show, and the off-stage drama that was even more compelling. Naya speaks highly of many of her co-stars, especially Kevin McHale and Dianna Agron, but if you are looking for her to spill the tea about her “feud” with Lea Michele, it’s more like a dribble. She does go there, but whatever tensions there were backstage between the two actresses, Naya doesn’t spend too much time lamenting their relationship. What was disappointing as a queer fan and reader

What’s disappointing as a queer fan and reader was she doesn’t write much about her ground-breaking character Santana Lopez and her relationship with Brittany. It’s pretty much all summed up in one and a half pages, which feels rushed especially considering what a huge social impact Brittana had.

Much more time is dedicated to Naya’s off-again-on-again three-year relationship with co-star Mark Salling, who is currently charged with possession of child pornography. Naya doesn’t shy away from discussing her feelings about Mark’s issues. “I can’t say I was totally shocked,” she writes, “but still WTF?”

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One of the more heartwarming parts of the memoir was Naya’s thoughts and memories of the late Cory Monteith. Despite Finn and Santana’s issues on the show, Naya has much love for Cory and was devastated by his death, and even a little bit angry. “Everything about his death seems unnecessary,” she writes.

There are large portions of the memoir dedicated to Naya’s relationship with her now husband, Ryan Dorsey, and her very public relationship with rapper Big Sean as well. A born storyteller, Naya doesn’t hide the ugly parts of her past, allowing herself to be vulnerable to a point, although, the memoir would have been more compelling if she would have let those remaining walls down. Yet, I understand. You have to keep a little bit just for yourself.

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At 239 pages, Sorry Not Sorry is a brisk read, and an entertaining one at that. While the book breezes by a few things that deserve more attention, fans won’t be sorry if they pick up this book, as it does give a deeper look into the life of one of their favorite actresses.

Sorry Not Sorry” is available now online and at your local bookstore.

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