Abby Wambach talks about coming out and divorce with Robin Roberts


Retired pro soccer player Abby Wambach went on Good Morning America today to have a discussion with out host Robin Roberts about what she reveals about herself in her new memoir, Forward.

In the interview, she talks about struggling with being gay:

“I came from a fairly conservative [upbringing]. I know my mom loves me – I know my family loves me. But sometimes for really deep-feeling people, it’s hard to actually feel that. Being gay and then having some of these demons that I felt I had to numb away – and some of the pain that I had throughout my career – it was part of who I am. Being inside my own skin and being scared and being in pain? I just really wanted to feel love.”

And also about her divorce from Sarah Huffman, which was not public knowledge until now. It had a lot to do with her addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs.

“This whole struggle that I went through, she saw firsthand. She was literally on the front lines of this and was my biggest advocate – my biggest champion and was there for me in times when I didn’t even know I could be there for myself.

For me this is really hard. Obviously going through any divorce is difficult, but [I have] nothing but love for Sarah.”

Abby says she is still “very, very proud” of her iconic kiss with Sarah after winning the 2015 World Cup, and details more about her feelings about the demise of her relationship, among other things, in Forward, out today.


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