Exclusive! The “Carmilla” Season 3 poster will blow your mind


Take a deep breath Creampuffs because Carmilla Season 3, the final season, is nearly upon us. We’ll have an interview this week with the show’s two leading ladies, Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman, but here’s a little exclusive to tide you over. It’s the Carmilla Season 3 poster and it. is. epic.



The poster was designed by artist Linnea Jalando-on, otherwise known as Papurrcat. You may recognize her from her amazing Clexa fan art. Follow her on Tumblr here.

The first part of Carmilla Season 3 drops this Thursday, so check back here for recaps and other Carmilla goodies. In the meanwhile, let’s just sit and gaze at this glorious poster and flail together.


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