Annaleigh Ashford on Betty and Helen’s new baby on Season 4 of “Masters of Sex”


Annaleigh Ashford is back as Betty Dimello for Season 4 of Masters of Sex, which premieres this Sunday night on Showtime, and she’s bringing her on-screen love Sarah Silverman with her.

Sarah is nine months pregnant on the show,” Annaleigh told us at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, “and I’m nine months pregnant in life. We did a belly bump picture the other day!”

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Last season we watched as Betty and Helen were trying to conceive, and now it looks like we’ll see them as mothers.

“Betty and Helen have their baby,” Annaleigh said, but couldn’t say much else. “I can’t spoil anything! We have our baby, but I’m not going to tell you anything that happens because I’ll get in trouble!”

Annaleigh said she felt lucky to have Sarah around for Season 4, especially after a terrible heath scare Sarah faced earlier this summer when she was diagnosed with epiglottitis.

She’s with us. And thank God because she just went through that outrageous experience,” Annaleigh said. “She’s doing great. She’s a rockstar. She’s one of the strongest, toughest people I’ve ever met. I love her. She’s magic.”


As for Betty’s work life, her relationship with Dr. Masters (Michael Sheen) will also take a turn.

“Michael’s character actually really turns a softer corner this year, which is what happens in life and is really beautiful to watch,” Annaleigh said. “He and Betty have had a lot of years together, so they’re essentially like—there’s always that acidic quality between the two of them, but it’s softer. You see the yarn of their friendship, and I think their work together this year. It’s a good season. I like where we’re going.”

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This fall, we’ll also see Annaleigh on Fox’s version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Broadway star is playing Columbia, the enigmatic punk pixie who is often referred to as a Dr. Frank N. Furter groupie. In this queer-as-ever reboot, Laverne Cox stars as Frank N. Further and the cast also includes bisexual pop star Ivy Levan and Adam Lambert.

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“I’m really lucky that I’ve been a part of multiple projects where the theme was about being who you were born to be,” Annaleigh said. “Kinky Boots had a really similar theme. Even though this is a campy, fun, silly kind of piece, always at the core of it has been don’t dream it, be it and be who you are. I think that’s why it still resonates and why it has been so iconic and maybe a little different from the norm.”

Masters of Sex airs Sunday nights on Showtime. The Rocky Horror Picture Show premieres October 20 on Fox.

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