Five Feminist and/or Lesbian Titles to Add to Your Netflix Queue

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In many ways, Angelina Jolie is unfairly treated by movie critics: she is often criticized as a director, and at times it feels that she is not taken seriously as a dramatic actress either despite her Oscar win in 2000. I think that she chooses excellent topics for her films (whether directing, producing, or starring) and The Changeling, for which she received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in 2009, is evidence that she can carry dramatic roles.

The Changeling is based on a true story, and it tells of the intersection between a serial killer, a desperate mother searching for her missing son, and a patriarchal system that brutally suppresses anything that it perceives to be a threat. The movie is at its most powerful when it examines the ease with which men in the late 1920s were able to dominate and railroad women. Jolie’s Christine Collins is told by the men around her that they can identify her son and she cannot, and this egregious display of male prerogative is symptomatic of the real problem.

The movie will resonate best with viewers who liked movies such as Suffragette—period pieces with a strong feminist, anti-establishment message. If you prefer period pieces with lesbian content, try…


Be warned: this was a movie that I wish I’d never seen, and there aren’t enough showers to wash the ick off, an emotion with which my girlfriend concurs. That said, from a cinematic perspective, it’s fantastically well done.

Cracks is the story of a young girl’s idolization for/infatuation with her diving coach, who rules over the diving team like a worldly, benevolent mother. The idyllic world in which they seem to live is thrown into turmoil, however, with the arrival of a Spanish student who sees the coach in a different light. The coach becomes obsessed with this new student…and—spoiler alert—there’s a reason one of the IMDB tags for this movie is “lesbian rape.” Still, it’s a very artistically done movie and the very last scenes are fascinating, so if you like dark psychological movies, this might be right up your alley. 

So what have you watched on Netflix lately you think others should see?  

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