“Pretty Little Liars” recap (7.10): Heads Will Roll


Last night was the season 7A finale of Pretty Little Liars, and this show brought out all of my favorite PLL tropes: creepy dolls, haunted mansions, abusive institutions, and Paige McCullers angrily bicycling away from her feelings. Oh, how she biked! There was steam coming off of that thing.

We pick up at Spencer’s house, where the Liars plus Caleb and Mona are figuring out what to do about Hanna. Mona suggests they track her phone, but Caleb tells her that the new phone he gave her is untraceable (they alive dammit! It’s a miracle!) and accuses the Liars of burying Archer like a dog in the woods. Settle down, Caleb.

1Caleb, are you seriously mansplaining how to hide a dead body?

After seven years and 150 episodes, Spencer Hastings finally does the unthinkable: she calls 911. Can you believe it?!

2Sometimes the snow falls down in June. Sometimes the sun goes round the moon. Sometimes Spencer Hastings calls the fucking police.

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