“Pretty Little Liars” recap (7.9): The Kahn Job


Last night was the penultimate episode of Season 7A, and so much happened but also nothing happened. We pick up with the Liars, who have just found out that Hanna skipped town. We then cut to Hanna in her revenge AirBnB laying out a hammer, duct tape, and some rope. Hanna then sets up her video camera and records a message for the cops.

1I’m Hanna Marin, and this is my audition tape for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge!

Spencer Googles (sorry, xsters!) Noel Kahn in the hopes of finding his address, when Marco stops by. He tells her that Archer Dunhill has fled to France, which is news to Spencer because the last time she saw him, he was worm food in the Rosewood forest. Now that the case is out of RPD jurisdiction, Marco is hoping to get some elevator time with Spencer, but she tells him that now is not the best time.

Over at the Brew, Emily finds Sabrina making a red velvet cake for Noel Kahn. She promptly freaks out and warns Sabrina not to do business with Noel, and Sabrina is like, “Not even a fucking cake tho?” Sabrina tries to get answers, but Emily has to go for her second swim coach interview.

2I’m protecting you! Vaguely and threateningly protecting you!

3Honestly, you’re so attractive, I’m only picking up 15% of everything you say.

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