Ashley Jones returns to “General Hospital” this week


In the last two weeks on General Hospital, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) has been leaving voicemails for her former professor/current love Parker (Ashley Jones) and never hearing back. She’s happy that at least she has the support of her dad after coming out to him, and her brother is also there to talk with her about what’s going on. He says that she’s lucky because now she has the capacity to fall in love with anyone. But she just wants Parker.

“The night we spent together, I never felt like that with anyone,” Kristina tells him. “If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.” 


Kristina decides she needs to hash things out with Aaron, especially because they work together. Aaron’s willing to chat, but he’s not happy about being the “hetero stand-in for the person you want to be with.”  

“I don’t care that she’s a woman; I care that you weren’t honest,” he tells her. Kristina explains that Parker was the first woman she ever had a crush on; the first time she knew she didn’t just admire a woman and want to be like her, but to be with her. He understands, but he doesn’t want to spend any more time talking about it. He’s pretty much done.


Kristina tells her mom, Alexis, she’s distraught over not hearing back from Parker, who hasn’t even responded to her texts. Then when her mom says Parker may not be able to find a place in her life for Kristina, Kristina recalls that exact phrase from Parker’s Dear John letter. It all comes out—Alexis talked with Parker before she left town, and Kristina is not happy about her meddling.

“When are you going to start respecting me?” Kristina demands. She tells her mom that she knows Parker loves her; that they used to spend time together outside of class, and Parker’s “doctor wife was always too busy saving lives to save her own marriage.” Clearly, Kristina and Parker were closer than anyone really knew.


“I don’t want you to have any pain,” Alexis says, and Kristina doesn’t hold back in telling her mom just how she feels about the decisions Alexis has made for her own life. It ends terribly when Alexis asks Kristina why Parker isn’t there fighting for her if she loves her so much. wishes wished she knew the answer.

It’s not long before Kristina is drunk dialing Parker, ready to leave her a passionately hateful message when her sister, Molly, throws her phone as far as she can. Molly says Kristina is spiraling out of control, and Kristina says Molly is judging her; that even though Molly thinks she’s a mean drunk, “at least [she’s] honest.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.12.09 PM

After the sisters exchange some harsh truths and legitimate concerns, Molly leaves and Kristina breaks down crying, so Molly returns to hug her sister and convince her a movie night with pizza is in order. As they leave, Parker is calling Kristina’s phone in the bushes.

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Ashley Jones announced today she will return to the show on Thursday, writing on her blog:

So, this week on General Hospital, my character Parker runs into Kristina. Quite literally. See what happens. To those of you that have been so kind to comment and tweet or send messages via social media, your support is appreciated. Thank you! I’ll be curious to see what your comments are after this episode. And I will be anxious to share my thoughts, too. This is the first time I’ve actually called the producer to discuss the dialogue…. I’ll explain why. Stay tuned for more after the episode airs!

How’s that for a teaser?

So what will happen with Kristina and Parker? Will they actually have a shot at happiness? When we spoke to EP Frank Valentini, he told us that the storyline will end up “involv[ing] all of Kristina’s family members,” which it already has, to some extent. Some fans are upset that neither actress is currently on contract with the show and have created a petition to make sure the story continues.

This one is a true mystery, but damn, the soap has us sucked in.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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