Eight TV Shows to Watch With Lesbian and Bi Characters


Mary & Jane (MTV, September 5)mary-and-janevia MTV

In MTV’s new female-focused comedy, out comic/actress Scout Durwood is a sexually fluid marijuana delivery girl whose best friend/business partner, Paige (Jessica Rothe) isn’t 100 percent straight, either.

“She’s relatively traditional but… because she has such an exploratory, open roommate, best friend, business partner, all of these things, and also jut the nature of her business, all roads may lead to Rome,” Jessica said. “I think she, without knowing it, is actually an incredibly open person.”

Without spoiling too much, suffice to say that Paige has a few marijuana-induced fantasies that include some famous women.

“I think what’s exciting to see is queer as usual, as opposed to gay and that’s what the show’s about,” Scout said. “So I’m excited the show is about queer as usual. … I think Jordan doesn’t ever define it; she never labels it. So my fingers are crossed, double-crossed, triple crossed that we get some more gender fluidity and gender bending in it.”

Check back for the full interview with Scout and Jessica the week of the premiere.

One Mississippi (Amazon, September 9)one-miss-1-e1470685801354via Amazon

Amazon will release all six episodes of Tig Notaro‘s One Mississippi soon, and besides the star herself, we’ll meet three other queer women characters who will star as her love interests.

“In my real life, the real life Tig, I was going through a break-up and, at the same time, I had run into this actress I had worked with on a previous project, and I’d always had a thing for her, and it was kind of the perfect distraction in the middle of the hell I was going through,” Tig said, referencing the year she had cancer, an intestinal disease and lost her mother in a freak accident. “Because she really made me feel attractive, and cool, and took my mind off of all of that. Even though I knew she wasn’t a long-term person, she was exactly what I needed at that time And then on top of that, I also had met somebody that I thought had the potential for a real lifetime relationship and it all just kind of overlapped in this crazy way.”

Casey Wilson is introduced in the pilot as Tig’s girlfriend, Brooke, but we’ll also seeing Tig’s real life wife Stephanie Allynne in at least one episode (pictured above), and Jill Bartlett as Jessie in two.

Check back for the full interview with Tig the week of the premiere.