“Guilt” reveals the deaths of two queer women in season finale


Last night was the season finale of Guilt, and we finally know the answer to our burning question all season: Who killed Molly? But that’s not all that shocked us. 

The episode begins with Grace having a flashback of talking Molly into going out with her and Luc. Molly is clearly upset, crying about something while on the phone with someone I assumed was Prince Theo.

Meanwhile, the police show up at Luc’s place to question him about the murder of a woman named Jessica, and Luc is so high, he confesses to that and to killing Molly. Thankfully the police recorded the conversation because Luc then stabs himself in the neck and dies.


Grace changes her mind about running away with the cop, but he’s freaking out and doesn’t want to change the plan so she runs the van off the road. It was obvious this relationship wasn’t going anywhere. 

Charlotte shows up where Kaley and Prince Theo are doing the dirty (only because Prince Theo’s assistant basically forced her there) and walks in on what she knew was going on all along. As she opens the blinds, she gives Patrick a clear shot of Prince Theo, but he changes his mind at the last second and decides to not shoot him–just as someone else fires one off. And Charlotte doesn’t give AF.


The police find Luc’s bloody clothes from the night he killed Molly hidden on the roof of another building, and the prosecutor dismisses the charges against Grace. She is free to go. So she stops by her old flat to pick up something before she heads back to the U.S. and finds Roz sitting inside the apartment, watching an old video of her with Molly. They were telling each other they loved each other—they were a couple.


What happens next is something I never saw coming: Roz blackmailed Luc into killing Molly because Molly didn’t want to be with Roz forever—she wanted to be with Prince Theo. So Roz killed Molly. And then, out of rage, Grace kills Roz.



The murder of Roz happened in the last two minutes of the episode and to say I am disappointed in the violent death of another QWOC character on TV is an understatement. Not only that, but Molly was revealed to be queer, too, meaning two deaths of LGBT women on this show. 

I know it’s been said before by so, so many, but I will say it again: The only thing that should be dying, is this hurtful trope. I realize that Guilt probably wasn’t watched by many; it wasn’t this summer’s big hit and basically if it weren’t for AfterEllen, most of us wouldn’t have even known there were queer female characters on it. However, I have to believe there were queer women watching this show who went to bed disappointed because once again, the only character they related to is now dead. To add insult to injury, she was the one behind the death of her lover all along. 

To recap: The queer women on this show were prostitutes, pimps, liars, cheaters and murderers. If you’re a queer woman who didn’t watch Guilt, I wouldn’t recommend it. To those who tuned in with me every week, I’m sorry we had to go through that together. We deserve better.

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