“Guilt” recap (1.9): Take the Stand


On last night’s Guilt, Grace is on trial for Molly’s murder. First of all, I love the wigs the attorneys and the judge have to wear. Those should be mandatory in every courtroom throughout the world. Secondly, DS Bruno and Natalie are trying to gather all their evidence and witnesses against Prince Theo in hopes to help Grace, but no one seems to realize how dangerous a powerful man and his friends can be (*cough* Donald Trump *cough*).

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Kaley and Patrick are hot and heavy right now, but only until the prosecuting attorney finds him on his boat and tells him that she needs him in court to represent his sister. Patrick tells her that he doesn’t think Grace killed her sister, but then agrees to go show up. The prosecuting attorney also attempts to recruit Luc, Grace’s boyfriend, to testify and it doesn’t go well. 

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As if things weren’t complicated enough, the witness Natalie was hoping would testify (she said she saw Prince Theo in Molly’s apartment the night she died) committed suicide, meaning they have no other witness on their side. 

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