“The Fosters” recap (4.8): Bot Crazy


Previously on The Fosters, Stuart blew off paying his taxes, and now the moms are going to have to sell the house to save his stupid ass. Brandon discovered that everything is harder with a toddler running around. Mike Found out that Brandon and Callie had sex, Jude did some pot and yelled at Callie for meddling. Jesus accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun while Mariana ran the STEAM club with an iron fist. 

It’s chaos central at the Adams Foster home. Brandon is practicing piano, Mariana is trying to code before the competition, Callie and AJ are making out on the front porch, and Stef and Lena are walking through the house with a realtor. The realtor tells them to get rid of all their stuff and maybe a few of the kids, too. As the realtor is leaving, a couple of cops show up looking for Callie. Well, realtor lady, you are now caught up on everything you need to know about this family.


Callie promises to stay out of the case and to stop harassing Patrick Malloy. Then she goes to clean up the case files and finds a new clue and forgets all about leaving the detecting to Stef. Lena yells at Stef for not doing enough or something? I don’t know. Lena’s pretty stressed out but yelling at Stef felt out of character.

The next morning, Stef finds Brandon asleep on the couch. She drapes a blanket over him before heading to the kitchen. Teri Polo can do a hell of a lot with a scene without a word of dialogue.

Anchor Bytes robot team arrives at the competition, gets intimidated by some old dude living out his glory days, get trash talked by their former teammates, and then finds out they are over the weight limit. It’s not the best start to the “coopertition” but Mariana is going to win this damn thing or kill someone in the process.

The realtor brings by a couple to see the house and surprises Callie and AJ who just want a quiet place to have sex. Is that too much to ask? (Yes, yes it is). Also, realtor lady, how about giving the family a heads up before showing the house?


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